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We offer you a comprehensive suite of resources to accelerate your business growth. Our offerings include Business Analysis to understand your needs.


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In Business

With over a decade of experience under our belt, we bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and proven success to the table.

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Response Time to Client inquiries

We take your time seriously, so we always do our best to respond to your inquiries within hours.

Team Expertise
Experience is key

Our team is composed of seasoned developers, project managers, and designers, each with a wealth of experience in a wide array of technologies and frameworks. We are equipped to bring your vision to life.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of designers, software engineers, product and project managers readily available to build or expand your team.

Over 400 established companies and start-ups have consistently chosen Joonik to build their products due to our ability to deliver true tech and business solutions.

How We Build

We understand there is a tech need, but our goal is to first learn about your business. We see our role as sidekicks and use tech as a tool to deliver your vision.

We aim to understand your business’ vision, goals, technical needs, and processes from the first interaction. This approach ensures that the focus remains on your business, not just the technology being built.

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Staff Augmentation

Extend your team with our top-notch developers for seamless project integration.

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Rescue Project

Ensuring your software remains up-to-date and functional in the evolving tech landscape.

Project Based Development

Tailored software solutions to bring your specific project vision to life.

Software Maintenance

Ensuring your software remains up-to-date and functional in the evolving tech landscape.

Holistic IT Solutions

We offer a range of IT solutions, from setting up automated systems to integrating advanced applications, all tailored to your specific needs.

Discovery Sessions

Our journey starts with discovery sessions to assess project fit. We explore technical feasibility, align with your goals, review budget and timeline, and establish clear expectations for seamless collaboration.


Joonik embarks you on an exciting journey as we collaborate on your app's blueprint and architecture. Our experienced Product Manager will guide you through strategic decisions, ensuring a lean approach that meets your requirements and budget.Let's bring your vision to life!

Team Building

Joonik builds the right team for your business, taking into account your requirements and even corporate culture.


Joonik handles HR, billing, payments, NDAs, and ensures that new team members start with your tools, schedule, and goals.


Your requirements are transformed into action plans, user stories, and a schedule with real deadlines. Joonik follows an agile approach but works with a predictable roadmap.


Joonik designs sitemaps, mockups, and prototypes, and then codes and develops the software you need, always overcommunicating.


Even the simplest software products have a complex structure that requires thorough testing. When we deliver a new feature, it has already undergone our internal QA process. Your role is to review every aspect of the tool and flag anything that doesn’t align with the confirmed scope. This ensures that the final product is not just built, but is in line with your expectations.

Client Testimonials

David Lewicki

Founder & CEO Adventis

Joonik was a game changer for my business. They provide great developers for a reasonable price and the support and guidance I needed to plan and manage my development plan. I highly recommend them.

Erica Bishaf

Founder & CEO CampfireSocial

We have been a client of Joonik's for over two years and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel that we are true partners in the ownership of our technology. From the start, Alfredo and our assigned team provided strategic guidance around our development strategy to ensure that we achieved our goals, managed customer expectations, hit timelines and managed costs. As a non-technical founder, Joonik has educated me throughout the process so I can be empowered to make the best decisions for our business. I'm grateful for our project manager and development team for their consistent and thorough approach and care. Another benefit is that they work on the CST/ET time zone so that if anything urgent should pop up, they are available to address in a timely fashion. I trust my Joonik team wholeheartedly and would highly recommend them!

Jared Shadduck

Founder & CEO CanaryClean

Joonik's contribution to our platform has been instrumental in shaping the foundation of our service. Their ability to pivot with our changing requirements showcased their flexibility and deep understanding of the tech landscape, ensuring our platform was built on robust and scalable solutions. What truly set Joonik apart was their dedication to consistent communication. Weekly updates from our personal POC, Andres, transparent discussions, and proactive suggestions kept our team informed and engaged, creating a seamless workflow that brought our vision to life with efficiency and precision. The level of personal investment and professional integrity they brought to our project has made them more than just a software agency; they are partners in innovation.

Jerald Grobman, MD & Madelon Sann, LCSW

Psychotherapy Services for the Gifted

In all aspects of rebuilding and updating our website, the Joonik design and management team were wonderful. From the start, Alfredo and Maria (our project manager) ‘got’ who we were and what we wanted to offer. They appreciated the depth, meaning and value of our extensive and varied content. They quickly came up with the broad outlines of a design that would present this content in a way that was more effective and user friendly. Each step of the refinement process was a collaborative one: Maria could incorporate our suggestions but could also hold firm on what would be practical for executing a stepwise plan for streamlining our content. We can recommend without hesitation, Joonik as a web design firm.