Rokk3r Labs is a unique platform where entrepreneurs partner with strategists, creatives and engineers to design, build and launch exponential organizations. It is a multinational organization with offices in New York, London, Miami, Toronto, Mexico and Bogota.

They accelerate startups from idea or MVP to seed-A funding. Having launched dozens of startups, Rokk3r knows that time-to-market is critical so they are always looking for ways to build products faster, better and more effectively.

With target development cycles as short as eight weeks, Rokk3r decided to partner with Joonik to strengthen their process. They wanted a team of seasoned developers that could meet aggressive deadlines every week without adding too much administrative complications.


Joonik appointed a senior development team with one team leader from our own management team.


The team leader met with Rokk3r in Bogota and the US to understand their own team’s ground rules. Based on that, joint communication rules were created to streamline communication among developers while keeping a proper channel for management reporting and assistance.

Follow up meetings and feedback sessions were conducted to fine-tune the team’s alignment and benchmark progress with our initial goals. After a short while, the remote teams were continuously meeting their targets.


Rokk3r and Joonik’s collaboration extended well beyond the first project. More than six different projects were developed jointly and launched under Rokk3r’s strict quality control.


The leadership teams from both companies created a collaborative and efficient communication network that allowed developers to work closely and constructively, in spite of being miles apart.