A multinational editorial company faced a difficult situation with its word puzzle editorial division. Despite being one of its most popular publishing lines, the production process was cumbersome and extremely expensive.

To create a word puzzle, the company had to use a highly customized, decade old desktop-based software. This software ran on legacy hardware and operating systems and required editors to use old computers to generate word puzzles almost manually. These then had to be exported and given to designers to assemble the latest edition. With over 100 puzzles per magazine, it was a labor-intensive, back-and-forth process that consumed the division’s bottom line.

The company would have to shut down the division unless it could find a cost-effective way to produce these magazines. Moreover, the team could not rely on proprietary technology that would weigh them down again in the future.


When Joonik first approached the customer, their requirement was to build a replica of the current system in a web environment. Noting the amount of rework involved, our first goal was to focus on the business process to really understand the underlying logic.

Once we had a clear picture of the actual goals, we requested the approval to build a demo for a streamlined process that did not resemble the current software’s workflow.

In a matter of weeks, we built the working demo and met with the customer to walk the team through its “new” software platform.

Feedback was phenomenal: the division manager had a hard time believing an editor could prepare a print-ready word puzzle in one minute. We had the buy-in we needed to overhaul their process!


After a few weeks of polishing the original demo, Joonik delivered a web-based application that had error-correcting algorithms, helpful tools and guides, together with a fresh and modern look. The web app could create word puzzles in seconds, with infinite shapes and forms.

This new business solution reduced the magazine’s production time from days to hours. The total workforce for the word puzzle editorial division was reduced by more than 50% and the continued operation of the business unit was secured.