Bridgestone Commercial Solutions, a division of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, offers a suite of products and services under Bridgestone Mining Solutions, that combines tire sales and repair with tire management, retreading, and other services designed to increase a mine’s productivity and maintaining safety. Bridgestone approached  Joonik for help with a digital tool to use in the company’s booth at MINEXPO, the largest mining trade show in Latin America.

The company needed an interface to connect its flat-screen monitors and showcase its products and services. Bridgestone wanted it to be both enticing for customers, yet easy enough for exhibitors to handle it without losing focus on their customers.


Joonik conducted an initial assessment of Bridgestone’s intended material for the trade show. Numerous technical manuals were reviewed to understand the company’s background and customer approach.

Our first suggestion was to change the highly technical language to a customer-focused one. Using the new material, Joonik built a digital showcase entirely around the customer’s needs and benefits.

The showcase was loaded onto a micro-PC, connected to large screens, and controlled wirelessly with small touchpads. It featured a revolving home view with product teasers and a navigation system that required a maximum of three clicks to navigate toward any view.


The digital presentation was a huge success both with customers and Bridgestone personnel. Despite being originally developed for EXPOMIN in Chile, the tool became extremely popular and is now used widely within the organization. Furthermore, Bridgestone requested Joonik to expand this tool into an online desktop showcase for its salespeople.

This showcase was used in Bridgestone’s booth at IMME, Indias’s largest mining show; BUMA, the largest in Europe and MINEXPO the largest in the world, where we used and optimized the touchscreen version. More recently, it was also included as a permanent exhibit at a new, multi-million-dollar training facility in Australia.